Airport Pick up
At the request of the client, air port pick-up can be arranged.

This service is to assist arranging a Rent-a-car for the client's temporary transportation means.

Pet Quarantine
A rabies vaccination needs to be performed within less than one year and more than 30 days prior to the animal's arrival in Korea. The rabies vaccination paper and an Animal Health Certificate should be filed for quarantine at the entry port. In case the rabies vaccination is less than 30days, the pet will be under custody of the local quarantine center until it passes the 30 day limit.

Temporary Lodging
We coordinate temporary lodging facilities for our clients and their families. This service includes booking the lodging and monitoring the client's satisfaction with the accommodations.

Home finding
Being the most important part of the whole post-arrival services, home finding draws our keen attention. We determine what our clients want and need and then tailor our services to their unique requirements. We kick up dust until they find their perfect home. Home finding can be efficiently performed by our 2 offices conveniently located in Itaewon and Sungbuk-dong renowned as ideal living areas among foreign settlers. They are in possession of a variety of property listings available for rent, lease and sale. So, as far as home finding is concerned, our service can hardly be beaten by any competitors.

Immigration Services
Required papers are collected from the client and filed at the local Immigration Office for alien registration and then the registration needs to be reported to the local administrative office.

Household Utilities
This includes inspection of water, heating and electric appliances and wiring telephone and cable TV, etc. For purchase assistance when purchasing on behalf of our clients automobile, furniture, house hold appliances and other personal items, we arrange respective dealers and carry out deals.

School Assistance
The clients having school children need to send their children to one of the international schools. We can provide them with information to assist in the selection of an appropriate school for their children.

Korean Driver's License
At the request of our clients we can assist them so that they can obtain a Korean driver's license.

Housekeeper and Driver
We can assist our clients to hire reliable English-speaking housekeeper and personal driver.