Some of the hotels
in the downtown area are:

Hotel Lotte (Super Deluxe)
1, Sogong-dong, Chung-ku, Seoul
Tel: 771-1000, Fax:752-3758

Radisson Seoul Plaza Hotel (Super Deluxe)
23, Taepyongro 2 ga, Chung-ku, Seoul
Tel:771-2200, Fax: 755-8897

Seoul Hilton Hotel (Super Deluxe) 395, Namdaemun 5-ga, Chung-ku, Seoul
Tel:753-7788, Fax: 753-2361

Westin Chosun Hotel (Super Deluxe) 87-1, Sogong-dong, Chung-ku, Seoul
Tel:771-0500, Fax:753-6370


Just over the Namsan Mountain are:

Hotel Softel Ambassador(Deluxe) 186-54, Chagchung-dong, Chung-ku, Seoul
Tel:2270-3114, Fax:2272-0773

Hotel Shilla (Super Deluxe) 202,
Changchung-dong 2 ga, Chung-ku
Tel:2233-3131, Fax:2233-5073


North of Han River are

Sheraton Walker H-ill Hotel (Super Deluxe) San21, Kwangjang-dong, Kwangjin-ku, Seoul
Tel:453-0121, Fax:452-6867

Swiss Grand Hotel(Super Deluxe) 201-1, Hongeun-dong, Sohdaemun-ku
Tel: 3216-5959, Fax:3216-7799




South of Han River are:

Hotel Intercontinental -Grand (Super Deluxe) 159-8, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul
Tel:555-5656, Fax:559-7990

Hotel Intercontinental -COEX(Super Deluxe)
159, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul 3452-2500

Renaissance Hotel(Super Deluxe)
676, Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul
Tel:555-0501, Fax:553-8118

The Ritz Carton Hotel (Super Deluxe)
602, Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul
Tel:3451-8000, Fax:3451-8188

Palace Hotel (Deluxe)
63-1, Banpo-dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul
Tel: 3451-8000, Fax:532-0399

JW Marriott Hotel(Super Deluxe)
Banpo-dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 6282-6262 Fax: 6282-6263


Near U.S. Army Facilities and Itaewon are:

Capital Hotel(Deluxe)
22-76, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-ku, Seoul
Tel:792-1122, Fax:796-0918

Crown Hotel (First Class)
34-69, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-ku, Seoul Tel:796-1001, Fax:796-1010

Grand Hyatt Hotel (Super Deluxe)
747-7, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-ku
Tel:797-1234, Fax:796-0918

Hamilton Hotel (First Class)
119-25, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-ku
Tel: 794-0171~9